Confession @ ICBC

Following is the outline from Pastor Doran’s sermon Sunday night on 1 John 1

Truth: True Believers are Sin-Confessing People 

I. The Content of Confession (v. 8,10)

  1. Our Sinfullness
  2. Our Sins

II. The Necessity of Confession (6,8,10)

  1. Failure to confess our sinfullness reveals deceipt and self-deception
  2. Habitual Failure to confess sin and sinfullness is a revelation of lostness
  3. Failure to confess our sins results in blasphemy

III. The Character of Confession- Our taking a stance with regard to our sin where we say the same thing about our sin that God says

  1. Acknowledging our sin before God for what it is
  2. Acknowledging that we love our sin more than we love God
  3. Ask God to do the work to forgive and cleanse us

IV. The Result of Confession

  1. A promise rooted in His character as faithful and righteous
  2. A promise resulting in His personal forgiveness
  3. A promise remedying our sin with His cleansing and purification

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