When a Man Fails to Lead


Here were my observations from the homework assignment we discussed on the life of Lot:    

I.                  Lot failed to lead by not submitting to his authority, by making selfish & pragmatic choices, and by not guarding his family against clear sinful cultural influences(Gen 13:5-18) .  

Lot allowed pragmatism and materialism to guide him more than propriety, holiness and submission. This choice, though seemingly harmless initially, began a pattern in the man’s life.

  II.                Lot failed to lead by shadowing the testimony of his family and by compromising his beliefs by not opposing wickedness (Gen 19:1). 

Lot was “sitting in the gate of Sodom” which means he was participating in the leadership of the city and not opposing it.  

III.             Lot failed to lead by being willing to sacrifice the well-being of his family for his own personal reputation (19:4-8) 

Rather than have his reputation harmed by not protecting the travelers from harm–a grievous thing in that culture–he was willing to sacrifice the purity of his own daughters. How far had he gone!!! 

IV.              Lot failed to lead by not having a spiritually mentoring relationship with the young men who were to marry his daughters. On the contrary, when he spoke of serious things, they thought he was jesting (19:12-14) 

Lot had no spiritual integrity. No lifestyle of commitment and holiness that could back up a warning from the Lord. He was mocked and deserved it.  

V.                 Lot failed to lead by not having a trust in God who had delivered him in the past by cycling through his previous pragmatic sin patterns (19:15-22)         

Lot was so selfish that even in being saved from destruction, he was pragmatic and focused on his own comfort 

VII.           Lot failed to lead by not protecting and guiding the affections of his wife (24-26)     

He had led her to have affections for the sinful things of Sodom so that she regretted leaving. 

VIII.        Lot’s failure to lead was seen in the pragmatism of his daughters (19:30-38)

Because of His failure to lead, his daughters had no moral bearings. Their       pragmatism ruled their decisions.

 IX.              Lot’s failure to lead resulted in a posterity that opposed the Lord (19:37-38).

His posterity caused great harm to the posterity of Abraham.


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