A Sinner’s Prayer of Submission

In reading Isaac Watts, A Guide to Prayer, preparing for a session for MACP, I read the following prayer. I should pray this every day!Isaac Watts, Nonconformist Preacher and Hymn Writer 

“I am thine, O Lord, and I do not belong to this world. I have given myself to thee, and I have given myself away from sin and from the creature. I have renounced the world as my portion and chosen the Father. I have renounced all other saviours and all my own duties and righteousness as the foundation of my interest in the favour of God, and chosen Christ Jesus as my only way to the Father. I have renounced my own strength as the ground of my hope; for my understanding is dark, my will is impotent, and my best affections are insufficient to carry me onwards to heaven. I now again renounce all dependence upon all of them . . . I am dead to the law, I am mortified to sin, I am crucified to the world, and all by the cross of Jesus my Savior. I bid Satan get behind me; I renounce him and his works. I will neither fear him nor love him, nor lay a confederacy with the men of this world, for I love my God, for I fear my God, and in my God is my eternal help and hope.  I will say, what have I to do any more with idols?, and I will banish the objects of temptation from my sight. Thus I abandon everything that would divide me from God, to whom I have made a surrender of myself.”



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