Meet the Petersons

  1. Who are we?Andrew, Alyson, Madison and Marissa Peterson
    • Andrew
    • Alyson
    • Madison (6)
    • Marissa (3.5)
  2. Background: Andy is from Woodridge, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Alyson grew up in Belleville and graduated from ICBHS. They both attended Clearwater Christian College in Tampa, FL and were introduced to each other through a friend during the first week of school. Andy and Alyson were married in May of 2000.
  3. When did you come to Christ? Andy accepted Christ as his Savior at the age of 7. Alyson also made a profession of faith at a young age, but it wasn’t until the age of 12 that she truly came to understand who Christ is and her need for Him as her Savior. We are very thankful we were raised in homes where both our parents loved the Lord and were faithfully serving Him. Through the godly examples in our homes, schools and churches, we were encouraged to have our own personal relationship with the Lord.
  4. Where have you been and what brought you to ICBC?  After graduating from college, we were married, bought a home in Belleville and began attending Victory Baptist Church in Belleville. This is the church that Alyson grew up in. The church was very small and we were able to be involved in several ministries there. Andy served as Treasurer, as well as helping with the sound and maintenance on the building and grounds. Alyson was the church pianist and also served as the nursery director. After the church closed its doors in December of 2004, we started looking for a new home church. Alyson had graduated from IC, so we were familiar with the sound Biblical teaching/preaching that Inter-City maintains. We did visit a few other churches but felt the Lord was directing us to Inter-City. We became members in November of 2005.
  5. Other helpful information: Andy has been employed at Trinity Health in Farmington Hills for 7 1/2 years as a Systems Administrator. He is responsible for maintaining computer applications as well as servers for various hospitals across the US. Alyson is currently employed full time at home as a wife and mother. She enjoys spending time with Marissa, helping out at school with Madison’s class as needed, as well as taking pictures of the girls for our blog page (www.petersongirls.com/blog)
  6. What is a favorite family activity? We enjoy just about anything. We love spending time together as a family whether it is playing a game, watching a movie, or having fun outdoors.

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