Meet the Bowers

1. Who are we? Daniel, Etsumi, Ethan (3), and Cody (3 months)
2. Background: Daniel grew up in Batavia, OH (near Cincinnati). Etsumi grew up in Okinawa, Japan. We met in Okinawa when Daniel was stationed there with the Marines. We were married on June 7, 2003 in Okinawa.
3. When did you come to Christ? Daniel was saved at the age of 16 at his parents home after a Sunday evening service. Etsumi was saved at the age of 22 in a Mister Doughnut parking lot in Okinawa.
4. Where have you been and what brought you to ICBC? Daniel went to college for one year after high school, and then was in the Marines for four years where he was primarily in California and Okinawa. After the Marines, Daniel finished college at Northland. Then, he moved to Okinawa to marry Etsumi and taught English for three years. Etsumi went to college for two years in Okinawa after high school, and then finished her last two years of college in Tokyo. She moved back to Okinawa, and got a job on an Air Force base at a day care for the military kids. We moved to the Detroit area last summer to go to seminary. After moving here we decided to join ICBC.
5. Other helpful information: Daniel has been employed at UPS since last summer. Etsumi takes care of Daniel, Ethan, and Cody. Our desire is to return to Japan in the future in order to assist in church planting efforts.
6. What is a favorite family activity? We like to go to bookstores, coffee shops, and parks.


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