Two, then Three . . . Now, Four Coons!

Ryan, Jessica and Alex1. Who Are We? Ryan, Jessica, Alexander (16 months), and Samuel (due Feb 7, 2008).

2. Background: Ryan is from Denver, CO and Jessica grew up in Carsonville, MI, a few hours north of here. We both attended Bob Jones University where we met through mutual friends our first semester. We were married on December 22, 2001.

3. When did you come to Christ? Ryan was saved when he was 11 at an evangelistic service. Jessica came to Christ at 4 years old after a Sunday night church service. We both grew up in Christian homes and are very thankful for the influences God has put in our lives.

4. Where have you been and what brought you to ICBC? After we were married Jessica finished her last semester of college, we graduated, and moved to Michigan so Ryan could attend seminary at DBTS. The lessons we have learned and friends we have made here have been a true blessing from God. Ryan graduated (M.Div.) in May 2006 and the next month Alex was born. Since January we have been looking for a church in which to minister full time and are still seeking His will in that area. In fact, we would appreciate your prayers as we go to Nebraska next weekend to candidate for an Assistant Pastor position.

5. Other relevant information: Ryan is employeed at Allied Gutter Company which has turned out to be perfect for a seminary schedule since he works afternoons. He is keeping extra busy this semester taking two Master of Theology classes and preparing for opportunities to preach. In his free time he enjoys reading and watching sports. Jessica works at home as a wife and mother and has a part-time job from home as a telephone training simulator during Alex’s nap a few afternoons a week. She keeps busy with Seminary Wives Institute and Women of the Word, and in her free time likes to scrapbook, read, crochet, and take pictures for our family blog (see blogroll).

6. What is a favorite family activity? As a family, we really enjoy taking walks in our neighborhood or down at Heritage Park, playing silly games, going out for a coffee or ice-cream, an danything where we can spend some quality time together!


1 Response to “Two, then Three . . . Now, Four Coons!”

  1. November 8, 2007 at 10:57 pm

    The title is just a personal reminiscence about your email being twocoons… when you came here. Now it is four. Hard to believe, but what a blessing to see your family grow!

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