Meet the Davises (Go Bucks! wins its place on the blog)

the-davis-family.pngnate-davis.png1. Who Are We?  Jon, Rachael and Nathanael Davis (2 ½ months)

2. Background: We both grew up near Mentor, OH where we attended the same church and school. Jon is 4 ½ years older than Rachael, so we didn’t really get to know each other until Jon was in college. We started dating Rachael’s senior year of high school. Jon graduated from Northland Baptist Bible College and Rachael spent 1 ½ years at Bob Jones before we were married.

3. When did you come to Christ? Rachael was saved in Kindergarten at school after a chapel message, and Jon was saved the summer after college while listening to a sermon in which Acts 7:51 came up. It was that passage of Scripture God used to bring him to repentance.  

4. What brought you to ICBC?  Jon came to Inter-City to attend seminary. Rachael came to Inter-City because she married Jon J Jon graduated from seminary in May of ’04 and Rachael graduated from Eastern Michigan University in May of ’05 with a degree in Music Education.

5. Other relevant information: Jon currently works for UPS at the airport as a part-time supervisor in the morning. According to Pearson Johnson the younger, he is a “house artist” for the rest of the day. He is the self-employed owner of Proside Painting. Before Nathanael was born, Rachael taught music at Custer Elementary in Monroe, MI, as well as teaching private music lessons at home. She now enjoys staying at home and raising Nate. Our house in Wyandotte is currently up for sale because we’re planning to move to Akron, Ohio to help Dave and Mary Beth Saxton and Falls Berean Bible Church. Please pray that the Lord will sell our house in His time and also provide Jon a job in Akron to support our family.

6. What are some activities you enjoy? We enjoy cheering for Ohio sports teams (Go Buckeyes!), playing games, reading, flying planes, and spending time with family in Ohio. Nathanael likes eating, being held, and lying around the house sleeping, especially in his favorite bean bag chair.



3 Responses to “Meet the Davises (Go Bucks! wins its place on the blog)”

  1. November 16, 2007 at 2:17 pm

    Don’t make me implement comment moderation here, ok? 🙂

  2. November 17, 2007 at 10:16 pm

    think of it as an exercise in sanctification.

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