Family Worship

Family Worship by Don WhitneyFamily Worship: In the Bible, in History, & in Your Home, by Donald S. Whitney is a very helpful, concise, “no more excuses” guide to leading your family in a time of family devotions.

(From Whitney’s website: www.biblicalspirituality.org):

Family Worship surveys the biblical teaching on family worship, demonstrates how our heroes throughout church history have practiced it, and then gives fathers/husbands the simple, specific, practical how-to’s of family worship.

The book, under 65 pages long, is divided into 5 chapters. I have tried to capture the essence of the chapters below.

Chapter 1: Family Worship in the Bible–really arguing that men should lead their families toward godliness. This is not an exhaustive study, but gets the point across.

Chapter 2: Family Worship in Church History– using examples such as Charles Spurgeon, John Paton and Matthew Henry, it is clear that God has used regular family worship for increasing the godliness of children throughout church history.

Chapter 3: The Elements of Family Worship– wise advice on keeping our time simple, mainly consisting of three parts: reading Scripture, praying and singing. Other things can be added, but these simple elements have worked well for most families.

Chapter 4: But What If…? answers a number of questions regarding worship as a family such as the following:  “What if there is no father at home?”; “What if the children are very young?”; and “What if there are a wide range of ages among the children?”

Chapter 5: Start Today– gives encouragement to men in getting started with leading their family. He recommends we men say the following–humbly, yet decisively: “I have come to believe that the Bible teaches I should be leading us in family worship, and I want to start today. I have a lot to learn about it, but I want to do what is right. Will you join me?”

This is a very helpful book which helps reduce the issues, possibilities, reasonings and excuses down to their simplest level and encourages us men to make this activity a priority in our family. I want to encourage you to get it, read it, and put its advice into practice.

Our children are only with us a short while and we have to ask ourselves how we want our children to remember our example. There are a lot of things calling for our time and attention. This is certainly one of the most important and eternal ones!


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