I Left Out the “Punch Line” for Us Men

Physical ExerciseIn our lesson yesterday on 1 Timothy 4:6-10 I mentioned the thought of how poor of shape I was in physically so that if someone came to attack my home, I wasn’t sure I would do an optimal job defending my family. I am sure we all think about that when it comes to our “bodily exercise” in one way or another.

The point I wanted to get to, particularly for us men, but ran out of time to express, was in light of how Paul compares the “little” profit of bodily exercise to the great profit of disciplining ourselves to godliness. How well do we think we can do defending our families from the onslaughts of satan, the world and the flesh if we are not exercising ourselves for the purpose of godliness? With weak spiritual “muscles” we will do an anemic job standing up for what is right when it comes to times of decision or pressure. We will swoon in the face of choosing right priorities. We will spiritually veg on the couch when we should be up repairing breaches in the walls of our home.

Let’s purpose in our hearts to be disciplined for the purpose of Godliness in order to be the kind of spiritual leaders in our homes we need to be.


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