Thursday’s Highlights

Day 4 of camp is almost complete—everything but the bonfire, which is happening in a few minutes…

The day began south of the border with a breakfast of burritos—breakfast burritos with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. (I think they got some sortof deal of CTC cereal, since that has been the offering every day).

The morning service began with a counselor talent show. The counselors had to do whatever their campers said was their talent. Very funny! I wonder what your kids would have you do???

Speaking of counselors, I have been working harder today to talk to the counselors.  They have a good group of counselors from what I can tell, plus “leadership campers”—a teen from a local church serving as an assistant counselor. They have been helpful, and this would be a good experience for your teen someday.

The morning service was “Bob’s Big Word—Sanctification” Bob encouraged the kids to work hard at growing in their faith by depending on the Spirit and obeying the Word. Sanctification means “to set apart for special use or a purpose.” He exhorted them do their part by reading the bible, praying, having right friends, attending church, obeying the Word and witnessing. The game “meltdown” was a big hit afterward (hint—Bob has all these different versions of the same game. The kids love it).

The morning activity got rained out, so they did a series of competitions in the gym—many pictured above with the mattresses. Pyramids, wheelbarrow races, piggy-back rides, etc.  A lunch of pasta was served. Girls swim time was this afternoon while the boys played volleyball, hit the snack shop, etc.

The Ugly Mug is the CoBeAc coffee shop. They make everything Starbucks makes plus a lot of kid-friendly cold drinks like malts and the popular “Cookies and Cream Ice Rage.” Your kids love it (though it is a bit pricey). I even got a mocha mint latte today while I talked to some of the kids and did some studying. Very good.

For dinner, we had a “cookout” (actually, it is a “bring out from the kitchen” to the waterfront). I took my pole out while we ate there and forthwith got hooked on the diving platform. It was a site me and Big Bob trying to go out in a rudderless paddleboat and tipsy canoe to rescue the lure. Got 6 bass off the dock though!

Tonight’s message was superb and poignant. He spoke on “What does Television Do?” using a number of Scriptural principles, focusing on 1) TV and your Time; 2)TV and your view of reality; 3)TV and your morality; 4)TV—how can I win the fight? These kinds of applications are good for our kids to hear from time to time. His recommendations? 1)DO NOT HAVE A TV IN YOUR ROOM! [From me–Parents, please, please think about this if you haven’t thought about this before.  A TV in your child’s room is a poison for their spiritual life plain and simple. Don’t allow it]. 2)Turn it off and do something better for you physically, socially and spiritually. 3)Put a bible verse like Psalm 101:3 on it. 4)Put it in a closet and watch it ‘on purpose’ rather than as a first resort.  Helpful recommendation from a man who has counseled many young people struggling with sin habits and pursuing godliness.

Well, one day (and 1/2 ) left. Continue praying for us. Now, off to the bonfire—and let me tell you, it is a big one!


2 Responses to “Thursday’s Highlights”

  1. 1 Joanne Pfeiffer
    July 18, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    Thank you for your detailed posts. We continue to pray for God to work in hearts. We are VERY excited to hear all of the camp stories from the kids. 🙂

  2. July 18, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    And place your son in a Mt. Dew detox program. 🙂 It is sunny now and the guys are headed to swim time!

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