The Linds in Brazil

Tomorrow I leave to visit Dave and Ann Lind, who are missionaries from ICBC in the Fortaleza, Brazil area. I have never been to Brazil or South America. I hear it is beautiful and a great place to visit. However, I am not looking forward to the place nearly as much as I am looking forward to seeing the people there.

Dave and Ann are probably the most servant-hearted people and missionaries I have ever met. They have invested their adult lives serving the church and missionaries of Brazil by administrating Fortaleza Academy. They have been involved in numerous church plants, always ready and quick to make them Brazilian churches. They are the ones that, when they returned for furlough, jumped into service in our local church like no one else–from teaching in Bible School to pulling weeds out of the sidewalk. They are servants in and of the Church!

I am privileged to go and be present for the dedication of the Hebron Baptist Camp, which will be a ministry of the Brazilian Baptist Churches that have been planted in the Fortaleza area. Our church was blessed to help with the building of the camp, and we look forward to how that ministry will bear fruit in the lives of children and adults until Christ returns.

And, by the way, if you haven’t spent any time with Ann’s mom, Mrs. Kelly, who resides over at Maple Heights, please take some time to go over and visit her with your kids. Ask her about Ireland, her coming over, her husband Mr. Kelly and how God has worked in their lives. She gave us one of the travel trunks they used when immigrating to the States. We think of their family every time we see it in our living room. You will be blessed!


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