Obama Offers Hope, and People Want It!

I enjoy listening to the way Barack Obama speaks. His manner. His enthusiasm. His rhythm. In his style, he is a great purveyor of hope. In his style, that is–not necessarily in his substance.

What struck me were the tears and looks of expectation in peoples eyes. I doubt everyone pictured has the right motivation for their expectation, but I do know they all want something better than what they have–personally more than politically.

There is nothing as sad, nor as despair-producing as misplaced hope. Hope for gain, placed in the wrong object–the wrong provider, leads to further discontent.

“But” as Paul reminded us a couple weeks ago, “godliness actually is a means of great gain when accompanied by contentment.”  The looks of hope, of expectation, can only be transformed into looks of contentment, of joy, of satisfaction, when they are looks of godliness.  Looks that are changed by the regenerating work of the gospel.

There are no political messiahs. Only one Messiah, able to make us godly, fulfill our hopes and make us content–no matter what state we are a delegate of!


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