Oxymoronic Parenting in Action

I read an article recently that reveals a lot about our parenting culture. It reveals the oxymoronic nature of much of parenting today where excessive permissiveness is combined with overprotectedness.  The article at the bottom describes the multitude of fights breaking out at Chucky Cheese Pizza parlors across the nation mostly as a result of rude kids and even ruder parents.

Few parents work hard to teach their children manners anymore. Therefore, when your child waits patiently for his turn at a game at CC’s, he can sometimes wait for a great length of time. I remember the temptation to swat another kids basketball away from the rim while he “hogged” the basketball game and my then 3 year old son waited to play (I didn’t do it)  :-).

However, when kids are rude, then parents are rude to other kids, protective parental instincts kick in and that is where the trouble starts.

Consider the opportunity though. How many parents would be provoked to thought if there are Christlike parents showing great kindness to all children in the midst of the pizza parlor mayhem? Let’s take advantage of those opportunities to show our distinction. And, let’s encourage our children to see the opportunities as well to show the difference Jesus has made in their life.

The article is below:

Parenting Trouble at Chucky Cheese\’s


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