Amen for Blue Collar, Average People

This commercial appealed to me. I have tried Starbucks and appreciate its smells and sensations, but in my heart of hearts I come back to the fact that I really like Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds, and even Folgers a whole lot more than the expensive stuff they serve. And I definitely can’t get into the turtleneck sweater, scarf and soul patch look.

I will admit, and readily so in front of a whole room of teens, that I am not cool. I am not with it. I am not a yuppie (a young, upwardly mobile professional person), but more of a bumpie (a boring, uncool, melancholy, pastoral person). And, flannel shirts are my favorite thing to wear. I think it is because my dad had five flannels he rotated through every week at his blue collar tool & die making job.

I am just one of a million blue collar, average people–saved by God’s grace.


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