I Just Saved $3,799.00!

Even though we just had to unexpectedly spend a good bit of money on new brakes for our car, it relieves me to know that since I am not tech-savvy and am not driven to have the latest technology, I have just saved the cost of having a new I-Phone, which adds up, evidently, to about $3800!

Honestly, though, let this be a lesson on how feeling the need to have something flashy and cutting-edge may cost you not only more than you expect, but it also costs you the many things you could have in its place– music lessons for your kids for a few years. A few refreshing family vacations. A solid contribution to your kid’s Educational ERA (a year of college at BJU when I started 20 years ago!). The ability to give to meet the needs of others. A very significant do-it-yourself home improvement. Two years off your 30-year mortgage. The ability to give more to missions…

Consider other intangibles as well. How much time will you devote to your new gadget that you may have otherwise given to reading, to prayer, to playing with your kids? I saw a younger guy and his fiancee the other day. They were sitting at the table. She was looking at him, he was looking at his “phone.” I asked him “What does it say?” He told me he was checking some news headlines. I said, “Actually, it ‘says’ that you would rather look at your phone than talk to her!” Make sure you count the cost when you make exchanges.  

Now, about that G-Loomis bass rod at Cabelas…


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