Learn to Pray

We have all profited greatly from Pastor Doran’s series on Prayer on Sunday mornings. When asked to recommend a book on prayer (and as Pastor mentioned, there are numerous ones), generally the question is one of method, i.e. “How can I pray more effectively?” I have two recommendations, and one was just put into a very useable (and free) online version. Both contain the premise that you can improve your prayer life not only by walking in the Spirit, but by education and practice in praying more biblically.

1. Isaac Watts A Guide to Prayer.  I enjoy this small book for its content and style. Watts uses older language, but the content was given as a series of lectures to younger men, so it is very conversational in nature. It has helped give “scriptural proportion” to my prayers in a very practical way. For a fuller description, go to the Banner of Truth website.

2. Another book I recommend is Matthew Henry’s Method for Prayer. It is similar to Watts and a little longer. Ligon Duncun has been involved in updating this work, and recently as well in promoting an online version of the work which can be found and read at the following site: Matthew Henry’s Method for Prayer . I would encourage you to check it out.

Both of these books as well, are in the Inter-City Christian Bookstore.

Last night, I read a review/recommendation of a newer work by Paul Miller given by Sean Lucas, a fellow BJ seminary grad. If its subtitle “Connecting with God in a distracting world” and Sean’s calling it “life changing” are true, I need to treck across the street and add this one to my library.

For me, additionally, examples are of great profit. Therefore, I cannot help but recommend biographies like The Autobiography of George MullerGeorge Muller: His Life of Prayer and Faith, Hudson Taylor:The Growth of a Soul and Hudson Taylor: The Growth of a Work of God, among others.


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