Tuesday Update

Due to a problem with insurance, it looks like Mark will be brought home tomorrow.  (We are still hoping that will change, but initially they said today, now they are saying tomorrow.) Our parents are headed up to the hospital where they will learn how to dress Mark’s leg with a wet dressing that will need changed twice a day.  A nurse will be provided once a day for one week to help with this at home.  It is very crucial that the wounds be kept sterile.  He will no longer have the pump to help drain the leg.  There will also need to be a change in Mark’s pain medication since he is heading home, so we are praying that God will help him endure the situation with his leg.  We all have faith that God is in control and that He will provide grace and strength and help. We praise Him for all He has done thus far. Thank you for your prayers.


1 Response to “Tuesday Update”

  1. 1 Connie V
    September 9, 2009 at 9:14 am

    Amy and familly,
    I am Praising the Lord with you and your family regarding Mark’s situation. I will continue to pray for his full recovery and strength for Mark and the family. We serve an awesome God and I am confident that HE will continue to supply your needs both physically and mentally.

    Much love sent your way!!!!

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