Sunday, September 13, 2009

Well, the living room on Hanfor street has been transformed into a makeshift infirmary.   Mom will deserve an honorary nursing degree after this is all over.  Ken has been to every medical supply store in the area looking for saline solution, wound care ointment, medicated gauze pads, etc.  In one sense, it is a relief to be falling into a routine, but at the same time the reality of a long road ahead has set in.

Mark spends most of his day in the living room recliner with his leg wrapped and elevated on a pillow.  He has been advised to eat as much as he can (especially protein) in order to speed along the healing process. Mom is constantly bringing him protein drinks, meals, and snacks.

When Mark was first in the hospital, Ken forfeited an airline ticket he had to Florida.  Now that things have somewhat settled down, he was able to book another flight and fly out yesterday morning in order to take care of business at their house down there.  Changing Mark’s dressing takes two people, so I went over this morning to help Mom.  We ended up waiting until after church got out so that Carrie Conn could come take a look at part of the wound that was causing some concern.

The visiting nurse has come three times and has two visits left.  She, too, was concerned with a spot on the wound so we are watching it carefully.  Mom spent several hours online yesterday reading and looking at pictures of similar wounds in order to determine what is normal and what is not.  Mark does not have an appointment to see a doctor until a week from this coming Wednesday.  Mom may try to have that appointment moved up.

Each morning the dressing is changed completely.  Throughout the day the outer layers are changed several times.  Mom usually changes it for the last time around 12:30 a.m. before heading to bed.  The size of Mark’s leg is still quite huge and doesn’t seem to have gone down any.  Today he said the constant pain of his leg is around an 8 or 9 out of 10.  He is on a pain medication regiment, but it is obviously not as effective as what he was receiving in the hospital.

Please pray for Mark to be encouraged, especially in the Lord.  Pray for Mom as she carries the burden of his care.  Today Mark looked a little pale and was running a low-grade fever.  It is difficult to discern what should be of great concern, and what is normal in this situation.  I am very thankful for all the prayers of faithful brothers and sisters in the Lord. We appreciate those who are ministering by providing meals, stopping by to visit, sending encouraging cards, etc.  God’s grace has been very evident in this trial and He deserves all the glory.


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