September 16, 2009 Update on Mark

Mark seems to be doing a little better. Carrie came to help last night. We both thought that the top of Mark’s leg and foot seemed to be going down just a little in swelling. It is also draining less which is a good thing and somewhat easier to take care of. Mark’s color looked a bit better yesterday, too. He is still unable to move his toes, but he does move the foot from the ankle up and down slightly. Mom has changed the time of his main dressing change to about 6 p.m. when the pain medication is the most built up in Mark’s body. 

We have been thankful that the wound nurse that took care of Mark in the hospital was willing for Mom to email her pictures of both sides of the leg. Mom did this the night before last and the nurse responded that she thought the wounds looked good. She also supplied us with a tube of the expensive wound ointment that we use. In addition to that, we are planning to take Mark to see his primary care doctor on Friday at 12:30. It will be reassuring to have a doctor take a look at him. We are also hoping he can help us with some of Mark’s prescriptions as certain ones are running out, yet the wound is healing slowly. We will need prayer regarding transporting Mark from the house to the doctor’s office. 

The visiting nurse only came three times because she said Mom was doing just as good of a job dressing the wound as she was. In her place, she has arranged for a different wound care nurse to come this Saturday morning. Mark’s appointment with the surgeon is still scheduled for next Wednesday, September 23. We also continue to pray that somehow the insurance situation can be resolved as everything right now is out of pocket expenses. 

We are very grateful for our Christian brothers and sisters who have been providing food, running errands, and meeting miscellaneous needs. God is very good to us.


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