Added to the To-Read List

Someone asked me last night “Have you read any good books lately?” Which, my wife knows, is the wrong question to ask me. “Have you finshed reading any good books?” would shorten the answer quite a bit. I have a problem, and I will admit it–I start reading a lot of books and need to finish reading more.

Nevertheless, recognizing my problem will not keep me from starting a couple more books. The first is a new biography of James Petigru Boyce, one of the founders of Southern Seminary. It is said that he gave his life to the cause of theological training for Baptist Pastors. Since that is a large focus of our ministry here at ICBC, I thought this biography would be a great one to read. I have been a Baptist all my life (well, I was a United Methodist before I heard the gospel), and am thankful for our Baptist heritage.  In reading the “Acknowledgments” and the Introduction, I found out one very interesting thing already. Our fellow Homebuilders ABF member John Aloisi is thanked for his editorial aid in the book. Great job John!

Another book that looks promising is titled Gospel-Powered Parenting. This could be a potential Men’s B-4 reader. There is a review of it here by frequent-book-reviewer Tim Challies. It looks like it could provide some good, straigtforward teaching, particularly for fathers.


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