Monday Update on Mark–Back to the Hospital

Mom and Mark did not sleep much last night.  Saturday afternoon I commented that Mark’s foot looked red on the side.  We figured it was just from swelling from the outing to the doctor’s on Friday.  Saturday when we changed the dressing we thought the wounds looked a little funny.  Yesterday (Sunday) I went over around 4:45 because Carrie was coming to help with the dressing change.  Just when she was coming through the door I had touched the spot on Mark’s foot that was red and streaky.  He hollered and I pointed it out to Carrie.  She was very concerned, so we called another nurse friend to take a look.  We were dually concerned—the wound looked like it might be getting infected, and the redness and increased swelling on the foot was making us wonder if he had a blood clot.  Sandy outlined the redness with a marker.   I sat with Mark in the evening so that Mom could go to church.

As the evening went on, the swelling and pain increased.  Mom and I talked around 11 p.m. about going to the ER, but she decided to check on him throughout the night and we would take him Monday (today).  Sandy came to look at the foot again around lunchtime today.  She suggested Mom call the general care doctor to see if he could help us get Mark admitted quicker through the ER.

I have been in the ER a few times before, but have never experienced a day quite like today.  When we arrived in the ER early afternoon several patients had been brought in from a multi-vehicle accident.  Many other people were there and continued coming in at a steady stream.  Of course each person thought their emergency was of the highest priority.  Patients were very upset and impatient about the wait.  It was about FOUR hours that we sat in the waiting room before Mark’s name was called.  Because of the crowd, I had to hold his leg up in the air much of the time—there just wasn’t much room or options for elevating it.  His swelling and pain continued to increase all afternoon.

I think it was probably around 5 that we were finally called into triage.  Of course you have to explain the situation to each new medical person who comes in contact with Mark.  Thankfully after triage, they allowed us to wait in the back rather than in the waiting room where most patients were sent back.  A while later we were taken to an ER room.  We saw two nurses, a paramedic, and finally a doctor.  From an initial exam, the wounds are most likely infected.  They are also concerned about the redness and swelling of the foot.  Everyone always is puzzled at why this is being treated at home.  Definitely not a typical outpatient situation!  It was after 6 when I called to see if Paul could come take my place at the hospital so that I could get home to help with homework and practicing!  Before I left, they were finally able to give Mark some pain medication through his IV.

Paul stayed with Mom and Mark for a while.  I guess they did a scan on his leg to check for a blood clot.  They also took blood to check for infection.  Mom called at 9 p.m. and they were still in the ER.  None of the test results had come back yet.  Mark was asking for some water and possibly food, but they didn’t want to give him any.  They had called the surgeon and weren’t sure if they would be doing any kind of procedure tonight, so they felt like he ought to hold off on the eating or drinking. 

A room is being made ready for Mark on the sixth floor.  It is about 11 p.m. right now, so perhaps he is being moved.  I’m sure we’ll know a lot more in the morning.  We are continuously thanking God for how He is providing and leading.  A dear family who didn’t know the circumstances of the day called and wanted to bring my family some food tonight.  What a blessing that was.  We are thankful for all who have helped and prayed.  While we definitely didn’t expect to be back at the hospital—that things would take a downward turn so quickly, but we are thankful that perhaps Mark will get the medical treatment that he needs.


1 Response to “Monday Update on Mark–Back to the Hospital”

  1. 1 Ann Rees
    September 22, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    Thanks so much for continuing to keep us updated on Mark. Filling us in via this website has been a great help in knowing how to pray for him and “all of you.” Let me know if I can do anything to help.

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