Possible Skin Grafts

Late last night before Mom came home, the surgeon came by to check on Mark. Since Mark was back in the hospital, the doctor was actually considering doing the skin grafts soon, which was very surprising. Mom went up to the hospital this morning when visiting hours began at 11.  The wound nurse had already been there. His wounds were cleansed and  debreeded (sp?). Mark said the nurse thought the wounds looked good and
preliminary tests results showed that he actually did not have an infection in his leg. No word was given about test results regarding the redness, increased pain, and swelling of his foot. 

Basically in brief, the day was spent waiting to hear from the surgeon has to whether or not he’d be doing the skin grafts today. Mark wasn’t allowed to eat or drink, because the medical staff thought he would be going into surgery. That did not happen, so he was offered supper. He wasn’t hungry because of the pain which has seemed to increase again today, perhaps from the cleaning of the leg, the recent change in his foot, or perhaps because things are circulating more and he is actually feeling more. 

Mom came over for supper briefly and went back shortly with a protein shake for Mark. She stayed until visiting hours were over at 8. She was not home long when Mark called saying he was in so much pain. The doctors were discussing his pain again today to see if there is something they can give him in addition to what he is already taking. Mom is hoping to go up to the hospital early tomorrow—by 9:30. I plan to go up after helping with the kids’ walkathon in the morning. If it looks like Mark will be going into surgery tomorrow during the day, I will try to put up a brief post so that you can pray for him. He is very discouraged. 

Nahum 1:7, “The Lord is good, a stronghold in the day of trouble, and He knows those who take refuge in Him.”


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