Good News

The surgeon took the bandages off about an hour ago.  He said that it looks like 100% of the skin grafting has taken so far, which is VERY rare.  (I remember he said before that 20% success is good.) God has obviously answered prayer.

Taking both the wrapping and the wound vac off was very painful.  Mom said the skin looks like mesh netting, not even like skin.  It is stapled all around.  The doctor said the area on the thigh where the skin was taken from is healing nicely.  It is covered with something that looks like cellophane or shrink-wrap.  This is to be left alone until the covering comes off on its own.

Mark will be coming home tomorrow.  They’ll keep him at the hospital long enough to change the bandages again.  The bandages will be changed at home once a day.  It is very important that the skin not be touched.  The doctor said it is like planting a new, tender plant without any roots.  The surgeon will have Mark come to his office in Inkster every three or four days.

Mark’s foot is still swollen, but has gone down some.  Mark’s 24 hour a day job is to work through the pain of his foot, and move it as much as he can so that he will not lose the use of his foot or toes.


1 Response to “Good News”

  1. 1 Connie V
    October 5, 2009 at 9:09 am

    PRAISE THE LORD!!! I will continue to pray for his recovery. I know he still has a long road ahead.

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