At Camp, but thankful for what is going on back home

Homebuilders, Parents, and others looking in-

I have a brief break in the action between supper and the evening activity to express one thing on my mind, and that is the funeral of Dr. William Rice, the founding pastor of Inter-City Baptist Church and founder of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary.  I have only met Dr. Rice a couple of times, but through the lives of those he pastored for many years (my wife, particularly) and the church he invested his life in, I feel I know him well.

I would encourage you to read what Pastor Doran has to say about Dr. Rice, his predecessor over at Glory and Grace. One paragraph stood out particularly to me:

“He wasn’t perfect—no pastor ever is. But he loved the Lord more than himself, and he loved this church more than his own life. There were a lot of pastors from his generation who built everything around themselves and once they were gone it all started to fade or fall apart. Dr. Rice built this church on the Word and focused everybody’s attention on Jesus Christ, not himself.”

We should give honor to whom honor is due. Tomorrow, the honor will go to Jesus Christ–the One to whom it is due–through reflecting on the life of Dr. William R. Rice. 

Pastor Pearson


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