Monday Evening at Camp

Well, you all saw us pull away from the church around 11:15 this morning.  I think everyone began pulling out their lunches while we were on Outer Drive before we got to I-75! J  Pearson had 13 boys in the blue van and I had 13 girls in the white van.   All I can say, is I am glad I was in the girls’ van!

I went to Camp CoBeAc myself as a camper from 3rd grade to 12th grade. I was a Junior Counselor after high school graduation.  Pearson and I worked at Northland Camp for four summers.  Camp is where we met.  Camp is where God changed the direction of Pearson’s life.  He went to Northland Camp after receiving a bachelor’s in Math.  He was enrolled the next fall at Ball State University to pursue a graduate degree in Actuary Science.  After spending that first summer serving God, he felt the desire to pursue ministry full-time.  That was 17 years ago. 

Camp is a special place to us and we are so glad to spend this week here with the kids.  Some churches aren’t able or don’t choose to send sponsors for the week.  Other sponsors are around here and there throughout the week.  Okay, so we are the obnoxious sponsors who’ve already taken pictures of all 26 kids and most of their counselors, who’ve hung around for each activity and lasted until the final camper orientation ended around 11 tonight.  The glow of our laptop probably looks a little strange coming from the otherwise dark staff cabins past midnight tonight.  But, the blog must be posted! J

We arrived around 2:30.  Smooth sailing on the trip, with one stop at the rest stop half-way up.  This is a big week of camp.  By suppertime, all the kids had settled into their cabins and met their counselors.  All our IC kids are in groups together of 2, 3 or 4.  The red team had supper first, while the blue team had team meetings.  Then the groups switched.  On the menu were chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes, green beans, rolls, and banana muffins.

Following dinner, the campers had an activity where they played “blind volleyball.” We had a sponsor orientation meeting, so we couldn’t get any pictures.

“Major Mark” Herbster is the speaker this week.  Pearson and I know him personally and are excited about his ministry with the kids.  He is an evangelist and has kids of his own ages 7, 9 and a baby.  He spoke tonight from 2 Tim 2:1-4:  Being a Soldier of Christ.  His four points were Be Strong, Be Serving, Be Steadfast, and Be Separate.  Pray for the kids as they listen to the truth of God’s Word.  Sometimes they may seem so young to us, but I personally remember being their age in camp chapel and remember specific ways God was at work in my heart—being open to the mission field, as one example. 

After chapel this evening was free time, cabin orientation, and then a skit time/camp orientation.  By the way, this orientation was held in the “Saw Mill.”  This was the former covered basketball court down by the gym.   It is now mostly enclosed and for this bigger week of camp, the chapel services are held there.   Lights out was at 11:30 tonight.

Rise and Shine is at 7:30.  Breakfast is from 7:45-8:45 tomorrow morning.  The morning chapel service is at 9:15.  A required sponsors meeting occurs during the morning chapel time, so Pearson and I will probably take turns going to the sponsor meeting while the other goes to chapel.

Don’t hesitate to email if you have any concerns.  We really do try to be with the kids as much as possible during the day, but there are always quick trips back to our cabin and we can check our email during those times.  Hopefully Pearson will resume the posts tomorrow—he is much funnier than I!

We will ge some pictures up a little later.


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