Thursday Highlights

Hey folks, I will try to get this post up quickly since the internet shuts off here at midnight.

Today was another good day at camp, though I could tell the campers were quite tired this morning after last night’s events of Funny Time, a late night bonfire and “torch hike” through the woods. This morning’s breakfast was french toast and sausage. “Mr. Gib” is going a good job feeding us (though it has worked out to my increased gratitude for my wife’s dietary choices). After breakfast we had morning chapel. “Major Mark” spoke on the “Enemies We Must Engage” in the battle. The main enemies are 1) The World, 2) The Flesh, and 3) The Devil. While on earth we win and lose battles but we are getting stronger through following our Commander (God) and His Strategy Book (the Bible).

After chapel we had a fun activity in the Sawmill called “Connect the Dots Challenge” using the classic connect the dots game (make lines with the dots to form squares which you initial). To get a line, the team had to win a trivia challenge or physical challenge (for example, Trevor got to be a part of a pyramid, Syndi Alexis had to try to blow a ping pong ball across the stage). If they lost, they had to wear either the “french fry costume” or the “cone of shame.” The kids really enjoyed the game and it didn’t require a lot of physical stamina.

After the activity the girls caught lunch (chicken patties, mac and cheese and applesauce) and the boys had a rest time. Then the boys came to lunch and the girls hit their cabins. At that point, we had a skyload of rain, thunder and lightning come down on us. Most boys made it in before the rain. Nate, Daniel and Matthew got caught in the deluge before getting to the dining hall. They loved it!

The afternoon was open for activities, boys swim time, with girls doing a round of activities through the camp. For supper the kids got pizza–always a favorite. There was about an hour of freshen up and free time for the campers before the evening service.

For the service, Jeff Kahl asked Amy to sing a special, so she sang “Give of Your Best to the Master,” which echoed and communicated well the theme of the week. Mark spoke on Romans 12:1-2, the theme being the Army- “Be All that You Can Be…through Christ”
1)Be Delivered (through salvation–“the mercies of God”, from satan and sin, cf. Col 1:13-14.
2)Be Dedicated- (through surrender “present your bodies a living sacrifice- an ongoing committment [not a one time decision] to obeying God by doing what He wants and going where He wants, cf. Gal 2:20).
3)Be Different- (through separation–“holy, acceptable unto God” separate from sin, worldliness. This includes being separate from the world in how we respond to authority, how we follow the appearance of the world and how we display our attitude in the world. cf. John 15:19).
4)Be Diligent- (through Bible Saturation- “which is your reasonable service” by being faithful in God’s Word and prayer and in attendance and involvement in your local church.

We greeted the kids at the sawmill door, Amy with hugs, me with pats on the back and “good nights.” I know they will sleep well tonight!

We have continued to enjoy ministering to your children. As they say down home, we are all “plum tuckered out,” but everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.


3 Responses to “Thursday Highlights”

  1. 1 nicole
    July 15, 2010 at 11:36 pm

    thanks for posting this tonight-now i can go rest! 🙂

  2. 3 dave
    July 16, 2010 at 12:17 am

    thanks for clarifying what was meant by dedication. i actually discussed this with landon before camp just to be safe.

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