Wednesday Update

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

(From Amy) I certainly felt a little torn about leaving camp to head back to Detroit Tuesday night.  I considered it an honor to sing at Dr. Rice’s funeral this morning and was so glad that I didn’t have to miss such an important occasion.  He was very special to me and my family.  All of us who enjoy the blessings of our local church should be grateful to God for using His faithful servant to establish a ministry so dedicated to Jesus Christ and the Word of God.

Pearson kept good tabs on everyone at camp today, but I was still eager to check on everyone myself when I got back this afternoon.  Everyone seems to be doing great—happy, but a little tired.  When they see me coming they know to expect a hug if they want one (mainly just the girls and a pat on the back for the boys…) and usually at least two questions:  “Are you doing okay?”  and “Do you need anything that I can get for you?”  The counselors are very good about keeping eagle eyes on the kids.  They go in cabin groups everywhere.  It is funny to watch them in the afternoon loaded down with brown bags of candy coming from the Mineshaft, heading to the Ugly Mug to load up on giant frozen beverages piled high with whipping cream!  🙂

From Detroit, I delivered a note to someone today and two pillows to two others today.  I know they were glad to get those items!  I asked Pearson about emails, and he said the office had delivered some to our campers today.

Pearson skipped the sponsor’s meeting to go to chapel this morning since I wasn’t here for us to split up.  He’ll have to fill you in on the message.  “Major Mark” dresses up differently each service.  The first night he was in army apparel.  Tonight he was in a sailor suit because he was going to be talking about Living Water.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to stay for the sermon because we had our first “sickie” at camp for the week.  Don’t be alarmed—it was our own son.  Hopefully a good night’s sleep in the staff cabin with us will help a lot. 

Food for the day:

  • Breakfast: Burritos, Eggs, Hash Browns with optional cereal
  • Lunch: Cookout at the lake! Hot dogs, chips, granola bars
  • Supper: Pulled Pork, Potatoes, and Rice Krispy Treats


The kids enjoyed various “action classes” some of which were a craft (beads, frame making) or activity (paper planes or balloon animals) or a skill (soccer, fishing, etc). The kids sign up for their choice, then enjoy them. I ended up helping 20 kids make animal baloons. The afternoon was boys swim time and the girls did the ranges, zipline, climbing wall, etc. Tonight was funny time and a bonfire and torch hike through the woods. The night ended late (thus the post this morning as they shut off the internet at 12 midnight).

I am experimenting with some various formats for showing pics. Hope you enjoy this one.


1 Response to “Wednesday Update”

  1. 1 nicole
    July 15, 2010 at 8:23 am

    sorry to hear about pearson being sick. that’s no fun. 😦 will be praying that he feels better.

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