Wednesdsay Evening

Hey Folks,

Nice and warm here today. Kids don’t mind too much and they seem to have had a good day today. I caught most of them at the cookout by the lake, which included cheeseburgers, chips, and cole slaw (tell me, do any of your kids eat cole slaw? The bowl seemed pretty full and I was one of the last to go through). They had chips and Capri-Sun juice too, so everyone was happy.

CoBeAc has expanded it’s waterfront significantly. I took some pictures of it for those of you who have been here. The beach is bigger, there is a deck, and they expanded the boat area around the corner a bit. They also dumped a lot of sand in the water so it the swimming area is bigger as well. They even got new kayaks and paddleboats which are nice.

Tonight’s service theme was the Army Rangers. “Leading the Way” is their motto. Mark spoke on “Leading the Way through the Roman’s Road.” He gave a straightforward gospel message. 1) Man’s Problem: Sin. 2) Sin’s Penalty: Death. 3) The Payment: Christ’s Sacrifice. 4) God’s Plea: Repent, Believe, and Receive Christ.

I could tell the kids were dragging after a long, hot day.

Tonight they had Funny Time (I will let them tell you about it!) and Their bonfire (they know how to build them big up here in the woods!), which concluded with a trail hike through the woods. No phone calls from the office tonight, so I think everyone made it back. I will be there at breakfast to check on them and I am available all night long if there are any issues.  You all have good kids!

Pray they will get a good night’s sleep. (me too!)


1 Response to “Wednesdsay Evening”

  1. 1 Danese
    July 21, 2011 at 11:34 am

    Pastor Pearson, Thanks so much for looking after our children and giving us an amazing Christ-like example to follow. We are truly blessed by your generosity. I promise that next year I will send you with homemade snacks. Your culinary humor is killing me. Please sneak away and get a Big Mac or something. 🙂

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