Thirsty Thursday

Great day today folks! We had a later service and I was spending some time with others, so I am quite late getting this up (and getting to bed!).

This morning’s breakfast was a little more normal: French Toast and sausage, though I saw a few kids with the “I look like a corn dog, but I am really a wheatsausage pancake thing.”

I got some good pictures at and after breakfast, but forgot the card again. Never done that before, but I did it twice. Regardless, I got some more pics during free time and such which I uploaded.

The morning service followed the theme of “Navy Seals: The Only Easy Day is Yesterday!” Mark addressed the kids not to be lazy in their spiritual life, but instead to have 1) an attitude of surrender (of their eyes, and mind), 2) An Aversion to Sin (you hate sin and love God and His Word), and 3) An adoption of Separation (from sin and from sinners).  Mark encouraged the kids to love God and work hard to know Him better.

Lunch was leftover hamburgers and the old Cole-Slaw, plus fresh hot dogs, macaroni salad (another menu choice by an elderly person) and chips.  I dove for the salad bar again.

The afternoon was filled with cabin challenges, Girls Swim time, and other free-time activities. The Sponsors had a cookout for dinner of chicken, and the aforementioned macaroni salad and cole-slaw, plus a great fruit salad. It was nice. I don’t know what the kids had, but I hope I didn’t miss the real corn dogs.

The kids played an activity—Boulder Football—while I was at the cookout, so I have no idea what it was. I hope they didn’t throw boulders though. I think they used a big ball.

Tonight’s message was by Hal Hightower again. His theme was to have a life that counts for Christ. He used life cereal as an object lesson and sprang off the text Mt. 16:24 , “Whosoever will save his life will lose it.” He encouraged the kids not to be selfish with their life, not to waste it, nor to defile it, but to share it with others and live it for God.

It is cooler here tonight, so we are thankful. It is about 65 degrees right now. I hear it is a bit warmer downstate!  Sleep well tonight.

Oh, and I polled the kids– 14-0 in favor of the one’s who don’t miss being home. I don’t know if it is me or if it is camp, but they want to be here! I am planning to bring all of them home Saturday though, so don’t worry.


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