Your kids are a blessing!

Yes, but I will say why in a minute…

Our morning sponsor challenge was on John 3:30- “He must increase, but I must decrease” from Evangelist Tom “Double Barrell” Farrell. I appreciated and needed the reminder myself, that it is Christ–My knowledge of Him, my proclamation of Him and the resulting knowledge of Him that spreads to others that must increase. Too many of us are always pushing in our lives to increase our own selves–our reputation, our abilities, our wealth, our experiences–that we leave Christ out of the picture of our lives. When Christ is not in the forefront of our lives, He will certainly not be on the edge of our tongues and those around us will not hear about Him.

We may excuse ourselves by thinking, “At least they will see Jesus in us,” but a Christian that doesn’t speak about Jesus will simply not be a Christian whose life testifies of Jesus. He must increase!

Now, about your kids– they are a blessing. I prayed with a couple of the boys after the service. One said “I just think God might want me to preach.” The other prayed that his life would be lived for CHrist. I told him afterward his voice sounded just like his dad’s when he prayed (it was striking). One of your kids bought pops for two cabin friends to be kind. Another keeps his eyes on the speaker the whole time and I can tell he considers every word. The girls have made friends and encouraged their counsellor. One guy asked, “Can I sit out this game and learn a couple more verses?” Another one got a cheap shot in the back during a game and he responded perfectly. I won’t say they are all perfect all the time, but our kids represent our church, your family, and Christ well even as Junior Campers. Good job!

I meet with them all this afternoon to remind them to bring all of the luggage they came with to the van in the morning. Our goal is to leave about 9:00 AM, but that is always dependent on when the kids get packed, who wanders off somewhere while everyone else is on the van and who else leaves when I go find the lost sheep, etc. However, we will depart sometime, Lord willing, and shoot to be home by 12:30. I am looking forward to that as much as you are!


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