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Audio Downloads

I would encourage you to check out if you like to listen to audiobooks. Every month they have a free download if you sign up. This month, it is John Piper’s Desiring God, which I would recommend you read (or listen to).

Otherwise, they have good prices on audiobook downloads or orders, and usually they have monthly specials as well.


Subcontracting Parenting Book Reviews


I am still reading a couple books on parenting and plan to review them in due time, but I am also reading a bunch of books on evangelism and church growth for the upcoming summer session at DBTS :-), so I am posting the links to a couple of book reviews by a good friend with whom I am very likeminded. The first one is on John MacArthur’s What the Bible Says about Parenting.  Click on the following link: What I’m Reading: What the Bible Says About Parenting « My Two Cents.