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Meet the Davises (Go Bucks! wins its place on the blog)

the-davis-family.pngnate-davis.png1. Who Are We?  Jon, Rachael and Nathanael Davis (2 ½ months)

2. Background: We both grew up near Mentor, OH where we attended the same church and school. Jon is 4 ½ years older than Rachael, so we didn’t really get to know each other until Jon was in college. We started dating Rachael’s senior year of high school. Jon graduated from Northland Baptist Bible College and Rachael spent 1 ½ years at Bob Jones before we were married.

3. When did you come to Christ? Rachael was saved in Kindergarten at school after a chapel message, and Jon was saved the summer after college while listening to a sermon in which Acts 7:51 came up. It was that passage of Scripture God used to bring him to repentance.  

4. What brought you to ICBC?  Jon came to Inter-City to attend seminary. Rachael came to Inter-City because she married Jon J Jon graduated from seminary in May of ’04 and Rachael graduated from Eastern Michigan University in May of ’05 with a degree in Music Education.

5. Other relevant information: Jon currently works for UPS at the airport as a part-time supervisor in the morning. According to Pearson Johnson the younger, he is a “house artist” for the rest of the day. He is the self-employed owner of Proside Painting. Before Nathanael was born, Rachael taught music at Custer Elementary in Monroe, MI, as well as teaching private music lessons at home. She now enjoys staying at home and raising Nate. Our house in Wyandotte is currently up for sale because we’re planning to move to Akron, Ohio to help Dave and Mary Beth Saxton and Falls Berean Bible Church. Please pray that the Lord will sell our house in His time and also provide Jon a job in Akron to support our family.

6. What are some activities you enjoy? We enjoy cheering for Ohio sports teams (Go Buckeyes!), playing games, reading, flying planes, and spending time with family in Ohio. Nathanael likes eating, being held, and lying around the house sleeping, especially in his favorite bean bag chair.



Two, then Three . . . Now, Four Coons!

Ryan, Jessica and Alex1. Who Are We? Ryan, Jessica, Alexander (16 months), and Samuel (due Feb 7, 2008).

2. Background: Ryan is from Denver, CO and Jessica grew up in Carsonville, MI, a few hours north of here. We both attended Bob Jones University where we met through mutual friends our first semester. We were married on December 22, 2001.

3. When did you come to Christ? Ryan was saved when he was 11 at an evangelistic service. Jessica came to Christ at 4 years old after a Sunday night church service. We both grew up in Christian homes and are very thankful for the influences God has put in our lives.

4. Where have you been and what brought you to ICBC? After we were married Jessica finished her last semester of college, we graduated, and moved to Michigan so Ryan could attend seminary at DBTS. The lessons we have learned and friends we have made here have been a true blessing from God. Ryan graduated (M.Div.) in May 2006 and the next month Alex was born. Since January we have been looking for a church in which to minister full time and are still seeking His will in that area. In fact, we would appreciate your prayers as we go to Nebraska next weekend to candidate for an Assistant Pastor position.

5. Other relevant information: Ryan is employeed at Allied Gutter Company which has turned out to be perfect for a seminary schedule since he works afternoons. He is keeping extra busy this semester taking two Master of Theology classes and preparing for opportunities to preach. In his free time he enjoys reading and watching sports. Jessica works at home as a wife and mother and has a part-time job from home as a telephone training simulator during Alex’s nap a few afternoons a week. She keeps busy with Seminary Wives Institute and Women of the Word, and in her free time likes to scrapbook, read, crochet, and take pictures for our family blog (see blogroll).

6. What is a favorite family activity? As a family, we really enjoy taking walks in our neighborhood or down at Heritage Park, playing silly games, going out for a coffee or ice-cream, an danything where we can spend some quality time together!


Meet the Bowers

1. Who are we? Daniel, Etsumi, Ethan (3), and Cody (3 months)
2. Background: Daniel grew up in Batavia, OH (near Cincinnati). Etsumi grew up in Okinawa, Japan. We met in Okinawa when Daniel was stationed there with the Marines. We were married on June 7, 2003 in Okinawa.
3. When did you come to Christ? Daniel was saved at the age of 16 at his parents home after a Sunday evening service. Etsumi was saved at the age of 22 in a Mister Doughnut parking lot in Okinawa.
4. Where have you been and what brought you to ICBC? Daniel went to college for one year after high school, and then was in the Marines for four years where he was primarily in California and Okinawa. After the Marines, Daniel finished college at Northland. Then, he moved to Okinawa to marry Etsumi and taught English for three years. Etsumi went to college for two years in Okinawa after high school, and then finished her last two years of college in Tokyo. She moved back to Okinawa, and got a job on an Air Force base at a day care for the military kids. We moved to the Detroit area last summer to go to seminary. After moving here we decided to join ICBC.
5. Other helpful information: Daniel has been employed at UPS since last summer. Etsumi takes care of Daniel, Ethan, and Cody. Our desire is to return to Japan in the future in order to assist in church planting efforts.
6. What is a favorite family activity? We like to go to bookstores, coffee shops, and parks.


Meet the Huffstutlers!

I want to begin posting a little bio about our class members on fridays. Dan agreed to be the first since they have arrived recently to ICBC. The bios will consist of a few simple questions and answers.

1.   Names: Daniel, Angela, Karis (4), & Faith (1) Huffstutler

The Huffstutlers2. Where are you from? Angie is from the Milwaukee, WI area while Dan is from Rockford, IL. We both attended Bob Jones University and met there while Dan was in seminary. We were married in May of 2000.

3. When did you come to Christ ? We both confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and trusted in His work for us on the cross as young children in our parent’s homes. Through the preaching of God’s word and the ministries of our local churches, we came to understand the gospel and grow in faith. We are thankful for our parents brining us up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Karis & Faith are not born again yet, and we would appreciate your prayers for them in this regard.

4. What brought you to ICBC?  Dan and Ang met at BJU. After Dan finished his M. Div. and Angie finished her MA in vocal performance, we went to Nairobi, Kenya as short-term missionaries. Dan taught in a small bible college in Nairobi while Ang kept us alive and ministered in various other capacities. We also assisted various missionaries in the Nairobi area with their ministries.  After returning from our 1 year adventure in Kenya, we moved to Lake Orion, MI where Dan was an assistant pastor under Juan Moreno at First Baptist Church. Angie was busy teaching music lessons and taking care of the kids who were both born in Lake Orion.  We are now in the process of returning to Kenya as missionaries under Grace Baptist Mission and ICBC.  ICBC will be our sending church, Lord willing. We anticipate being on deputation in 2008.

5. Other relevant info- where you work, etc. Dan is working at DBTS on administrative staff. He is helping the seminary think through accreditation issues and as well as preparing for departure to Kenya someday in the future. Angie is employed full time at home raising our children and keeping Dan organized. This year, she’s enjoying Seminary Wives Institute, Women of the Word, AWANA , and the music program.

6. What is a favorite family activity? Right now it may be doing house projects :-), but normally it would be spending time together, bike rides, doing something fun as a family, and getting ice cream!

Welcome to Homebuilders Dan and Ang! We are glad you are here.