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Thursday Highlights

Hey folks, I will try to get this post up quickly since the internet shuts off here at midnight.

Today was another good day at camp, though I could tell the campers were quite tired this morning after last night’s events of Funny Time, a late night bonfire and “torch hike” through the woods. This morning’s breakfast was french toast and sausage. “Mr. Gib” is going a good job feeding us (though it has worked out to my increased gratitude for my wife’s dietary choices). After breakfast we had morning chapel. “Major Mark” spoke on the “Enemies We Must Engage” in the battle. The main enemies are 1) The World, 2) The Flesh, and 3) The Devil. While on earth we win and lose battles but we are getting stronger through following our Commander (God) and His Strategy Book (the Bible).

After chapel we had a fun activity in the Sawmill called “Connect the Dots Challenge” using the classic connect the dots game (make lines with the dots to form squares which you initial). To get a line, the team had to win a trivia challenge or physical challenge (for example, Trevor got to be a part of a pyramid, Syndi Alexis had to try to blow a ping pong ball across the stage). If they lost, they had to wear either the “french fry costume” or the “cone of shame.” The kids really enjoyed the game and it didn’t require a lot of physical stamina.

After the activity the girls caught lunch (chicken patties, mac and cheese and applesauce) and the boys had a rest time. Then the boys came to lunch and the girls hit their cabins. At that point, we had a skyload of rain, thunder and lightning come down on us. Most boys made it in before the rain. Nate, Daniel and Matthew got caught in the deluge before getting to the dining hall. They loved it!

The afternoon was open for activities, boys swim time, with girls doing a round of activities through the camp. For supper the kids got pizza–always a favorite. There was about an hour of freshen up and free time for the campers before the evening service.

For the service, Jeff Kahl asked Amy to sing a special, so she sang “Give of Your Best to the Master,” which echoed and communicated well the theme of the week. Mark spoke on Romans 12:1-2, the theme being the Army- “Be All that You Can Be…through Christ”
1)Be Delivered (through salvation–“the mercies of God”, from satan and sin, cf. Col 1:13-14.
2)Be Dedicated- (through surrender “present your bodies a living sacrifice- an ongoing committment [not a one time decision] to obeying God by doing what He wants and going where He wants, cf. Gal 2:20).
3)Be Different- (through separation–“holy, acceptable unto God” separate from sin, worldliness. This includes being separate from the world in how we respond to authority, how we follow the appearance of the world and how we display our attitude in the world. cf. John 15:19).
4)Be Diligent- (through Bible Saturation- “which is your reasonable service” by being faithful in God’s Word and prayer and in attendance and involvement in your local church.

We greeted the kids at the sawmill door, Amy with hugs, me with pats on the back and “good nights.” I know they will sleep well tonight!

We have continued to enjoy ministering to your children. As they say down home, we are all “plum tuckered out,” but everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.


At Camp, but thankful for what is going on back home

Homebuilders, Parents, and others looking in-

I have a brief break in the action between supper and the evening activity to express one thing on my mind, and that is the funeral of Dr. William Rice, the founding pastor of Inter-City Baptist Church and founder of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary.  I have only met Dr. Rice a couple of times, but through the lives of those he pastored for many years (my wife, particularly) and the church he invested his life in, I feel I know him well.

I would encourage you to read what Pastor Doran has to say about Dr. Rice, his predecessor over at Glory and Grace. One paragraph stood out particularly to me:

“He wasn’t perfect—no pastor ever is. But he loved the Lord more than himself, and he loved this church more than his own life. There were a lot of pastors from his generation who built everything around themselves and once they were gone it all started to fade or fall apart. Dr. Rice built this church on the Word and focused everybody’s attention on Jesus Christ, not himself.”

We should give honor to whom honor is due. Tomorrow, the honor will go to Jesus Christ–the One to whom it is due–through reflecting on the life of Dr. William R. Rice. 

Pastor Pearson


Don’t Waste Your Child’s Camp Experience!

“I’d Like to Stay Another Week”….

…so said one of your children to me a few moments ago in the “Mineshaft” snack area. I won’t say who, but it might have been any of them, and this in the midst of a cold, rainy day at camp! Never overrate the power of your accomodations! 🙂

Rainy days put me in a contemplative mood, and since I don’t have the camera (Grace wanted to record some memories of her own), I will share my thoughts with you.

As parents, we have the primary responsibility for the spiritual nurture of our children. As a pastor, I have the responsibility for shepherding you all in that nurture.  Camp has been a good experience for your kids in many ways–they have had to function on their own (with close guidance of course) for a week. They have had the Word ministered to them in a very concentrated fashion (three services, plus verses, devotionals, etc). They have come face to face with how they are doing in following the Lord.  They have been challenged about their salvation, their obedience to parents, their bible reading and prayer, their willingness to serve the Lord.  They have been brought out of the world-system in many ways for the week. Your child may not talk a lot about it, but that doesn’t mean they have not heard or learned a lot from this experience.

My challenge to you: Don’t waste their camp experience! I would encourage you to build upon it in a few ways for the eternal good of your entire family:

1.  Be Gospel-Burdened: I know personally that about all of the kids that came this week have professed faith in Christ, and most have been baptized. If your child has not, continue to share the gospel with them, pray for them, and encourage them to follow Christ. 

2. Provide Daily Word Exposure: If you haven’t made it a regular practice, try to set aside non-church nights to spend some simple time reading the bible and praying together as a family. Make this part of the camp experience (concentrated, daily exposure to God’s Word and will) less unusual to your child. The average church kid hears from God 2-3 times a week and from the world 4-5 nights a week. Let’s make an effort to help their forming worldviews and  tender souls in this regard (and help our own in the process).

3. Help With Habits: Your child has been challenged to read his or her Bible and pray regularly. Rare is the child who will do this on his own, but if we help them by providing good bedtimes and a simple routine, they are fully capable of spending time reading the Bible and praying every morning.

4. Objectively Evaluate World-Exposure: A benefit of Christian Camp is getting away from the World’s influence. No TV, no electronics, sinful music or other things that are pressing us into the world’s mold (Rom 12:2). Think about how the world is influencing your family as a whole through its media and mediums, and think of ways you could make changes for your family’s souls’ good.

5. Lead By Example: Showing interest in and obedience to the Word of God is the best way you can do this. Tell your kids what you are learning from the preaching and teaching you receive.  Let them know you are willing to follow the Lord where He leads you, just as they should be willing to follow Him. 

Don’t waste your child’s camp experience. Let it be an experience that provides an opportunity for the entire family to grow in their walk with God.  As CoBeAc’s camp verse says, “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight” (Prov 3:6).


Friday at Camp

All I can say is, “Water Wars” was fantastic (to watch). See pics below.

Morning chapel was on “Glorification.” What a blessed time that will be! 

I want to say a special thanks to John and Millie Barlow. They sent each of us kids (yes I got one too) a card with the following in it:

Plus, there was a real $1 for each kid ! Thank them when you see them, and introduce your child to this wonderful couple if they don’t know them already.

Just finished dinner. No fish, but pizza is a good runner-up. Salad too to ease my transition back home!

Mr. Conn made it up tonight. After breakfast we will head home, hopefully arriving between 12 and 1230. My cell is 313-903-8044 if you want to call and check on our progress.


Today’s the Day!

Everybody Loves Corn Dogs
Everybody Loves Corn Dogs

Folks, sorry for the post in mid-stream, but TODAY IS THE DAY! It is Corn Dog Day!!!

Now, those of you who regularly buy out of the frozen prepared foods section of the supermarket may think this is no big deal. You have corn dogs every week. However, for a 30 something man (tremendously blessed) with a health-conscious wife who prepares fresh meals every day, Corn Dog Day is a highlight of my year.
Grace and I both had two dogs each. I don’t know about her, but only an hour later, I am thanking the Lord for my wife, my home, my meals. Corn Dogs are great–but only once a year!
Now, pleeeeeaaaaasssseeee, can they have fried fish sticks for dinner???? 🙂  

Thursday’s Highlights

Day 4 of camp is almost complete—everything but the bonfire, which is happening in a few minutes…

The day began south of the border with a breakfast of burritos—breakfast burritos with Cinnamon Toast Crunch. (I think they got some sortof deal of CTC cereal, since that has been the offering every day).

The morning service began with a counselor talent show. The counselors had to do whatever their campers said was their talent. Very funny! I wonder what your kids would have you do???

Speaking of counselors, I have been working harder today to talk to the counselors.  They have a good group of counselors from what I can tell, plus “leadership campers”—a teen from a local church serving as an assistant counselor. They have been helpful, and this would be a good experience for your teen someday.

The morning service was “Bob’s Big Word—Sanctification” Bob encouraged the kids to work hard at growing in their faith by depending on the Spirit and obeying the Word. Sanctification means “to set apart for special use or a purpose.” He exhorted them do their part by reading the bible, praying, having right friends, attending church, obeying the Word and witnessing. The game “meltdown” was a big hit afterward (hint—Bob has all these different versions of the same game. The kids love it).

The morning activity got rained out, so they did a series of competitions in the gym—many pictured above with the mattresses. Pyramids, wheelbarrow races, piggy-back rides, etc.  A lunch of pasta was served. Girls swim time was this afternoon while the boys played volleyball, hit the snack shop, etc.

The Ugly Mug is the CoBeAc coffee shop. They make everything Starbucks makes plus a lot of kid-friendly cold drinks like malts and the popular “Cookies and Cream Ice Rage.” Your kids love it (though it is a bit pricey). I even got a mocha mint latte today while I talked to some of the kids and did some studying. Very good.

For dinner, we had a “cookout” (actually, it is a “bring out from the kitchen” to the waterfront). I took my pole out while we ate there and forthwith got hooked on the diving platform. It was a site me and Big Bob trying to go out in a rudderless paddleboat and tipsy canoe to rescue the lure. Got 6 bass off the dock though!

Tonight’s message was superb and poignant. He spoke on “What does Television Do?” using a number of Scriptural principles, focusing on 1) TV and your Time; 2)TV and your view of reality; 3)TV and your morality; 4)TV—how can I win the fight? These kinds of applications are good for our kids to hear from time to time. His recommendations? 1)DO NOT HAVE A TV IN YOUR ROOM! [From me–Parents, please, please think about this if you haven’t thought about this before.  A TV in your child’s room is a poison for their spiritual life plain and simple. Don’t allow it]. 2)Turn it off and do something better for you physically, socially and spiritually. 3)Put a bible verse like Psalm 101:3 on it. 4)Put it in a closet and watch it ‘on purpose’ rather than as a first resort.  Helpful recommendation from a man who has counseled many young people struggling with sin habits and pursuing godliness.

Well, one day (and 1/2 ) left. Continue praying for us. Now, off to the bonfire—and let me tell you, it is a big one!


Thursday Night, Friday Morning

Just finished a Camp CoBeAc Corn Dog lunch. It was the Real Deal. Nothing like it! 

I will have to admit–the kids are looking a little whooped here later in the week. 

Last night, Will Galkin preached on the text from 1 Kings 18:21 “How Long will you hesitate between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow Him.” And then applied with the blessed man of Psalm 1 whose delight is in the law of the Lord. 

The campers had a night hike out to the lake and then a bonfire and singspiration. We enjoyed that, though it made for a later night. 

Today, Will wrapped up his morning chapel sessions (which I have missed because they have sponsor meetings at the same time) with a challenge to kids to obey their parents and honor their authority since godly parents have kids best interest at heart.

Missions chapel was finished today with a challenge to our kids to be willing to trust God to share the gospel with people who haven’t heard.

Looks like rain today, but none so far. I told the kids to meet me at the “ugly mug” for a free Jones soda. I want to interact with them about what they have been learning.

It has been a blessing getting to know the kids better.

Pastor Pearson